Performance Psychologist

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That's me, Makis Chamalidis. After my PhD, I have focused on facilitating performance based programs with athletes, coaches, artists and managers.

Makis Discovery

It's 1984 and I'm 16 when this book falls into my lap, the one that will inspire me about my future – sports psychologist!

Makis in session

Since 1994, I've helped more than 1000 athletes and coaches to get ready for major sports events in more than 20 sports around the globe.

Makis meets François

In 2000, the breakthrough encounter with François Ducasse leads us to create and develop the coaching and training program "The Mind of a Champion" over a period of 16 years.

Makis today

It's 2020: Each time the team staff pool together their skills and looks in the same direction something special is happening


  • 1968: Makis is born in Germany
  • 1981-1990: Member of the Volleyball Squad TV Düren
  • 1987-1990: Bachelor's degree in psychology, Trier University (Germany)
  • 1992-1998: Master's degree and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at René-Descartes University, Paris
  • 1995-2016: Lecturer in Sport Psychology at the Universities of Montpellier, Reims, Bordeaux and Edmonton (Canada)
  • 1998: Published the book "Splendour and Misery of Champions" ("Splendeurs et misères des champions")
  • 1998-2008: Consultant for the Youth Section at UNESCO
  • 2000: Created and ran the coaching program "The Mind of a Champion" ("Champion dans la Tête") with François Ducasse
  • 2004: Published the book "The Mind of a Champion" ("Champion dans la Tête")
  • 2006: Commissioner of the exhibition "Champion dans la Tête" at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne
  • Since 2015: Coached young players and their coaches at the French Golf Federation
  • 2016: Death of François Ducasse
  • 2016: Fully reviewed edition of "Champion dans la Tête"
  • 1997-2018: Senior sport psychologist of the French Tennis Federation
  • 2018-2019: Created and managed the Department of Mental performance at the French Tennis Federation
  • Since 2019: Created and organized the "Coaches' Workshop" ("Atelier des Coachs") with Benoit Eycken, Sébastien Foucras and Fabien Galthié. The first Think Tank dedicated to elite coaching in France
  • 2021 : Launching "FLY", a program designed with Marie de Saignes (Leadership & Mental Coach) and Marie-José Perec (three times Olympic Gold Medal Winner) to help performers express their talent under pressure
  • 2022 : Joined the Staff of the French Male National Volleyball Team
  • 2023 : Joined the Staff of the AS Monaco Football Team